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Critical Illness Insurance                     Get A Quote


An accelerated benefit rider.



What is Critical Illness?



Why do you need Critical Illness Insurance?

What is Critical Illness

It's a living benefit.


A form of supplemental health insurance.


Pays a lump sum (tax free) benefit to you if you are diagnosed with a covered condition.


It helps replace lost income and offset expenses associated with a Critical Illness.


You have the complete flexibility to use the lump sum payment any way you like.

Covered conditions on policy

Heart attack


Life-threatening cancer




End-stage kidney failure


Major organ transplant


Permanent Paralysis


Loss of limb


Life Insurance


Pays for dying not the consequence of surviving a deadly illness.

Health Insurance

Pays for the illness not the consequence of the illness.

Disability Income

Protects income due to long or short-term illness not the consequences of the illness.

LTC Insurance

Pays for permanent incapacitation due to chronic illness not the consequences recovery.


Critical Illness Insurance
Pays for the
Not the Event.

Who do you know who’s had:





Heart attack






Kidney Failure

Make a list of those people.
Did you know …

The Probability of incurring a critical illness before the age of 65 is four times as great as dying from any cause. *

American’s Are Living Longer

What does this mean?


People are living longer, often with a life altering illness



Modern medicine can save the patient but may cause financial drain on family resources



Traditional insurance products fall short in “treating”this dilemma

As a result we all face new risk!


Every day in the U.S., Over 3,000 people have A heart attack**



Someone in the U.S. Suffers a stroke every 45 seconds**



1 in 2 men, and 1 in 3 woman, can expect to contract cancer***

Good News…Odds Are You Will Survive


Over 7 million heart attack survivors are alive in the U.S.



The 5-year relative survivors rate for cancer is 64%



About 5.4 million stroke survivors are alive in the U.S. today

Bad News Is That America in not prepared


Loss of income



Time off work



Medical expenses not covered by health plan



Home or automobile modifications

Living (Survival) Cost


Medical cost not covered by insurance



Co-payments, deductibles



Money to allow your spouse to take a leave of absence



Loss of income –disability insurance only pays part of your former income.



Pay your mortgage payment, bills, and other debts that don’t go away because you are ill.



Childcare and or Domestic help



Pay for travel to treatment centers



Preserve assets and equity







The Lance Armstrong Foundation released the “LivestrongPoll”of more than 1000 cancer survivors.



49% said that their non-medical needs weren’t being met.



53% of those surveyed said dealing with emotional, psychological and financial issues were often more difficult for them to cope with than the medical ones associated with the disease.



43% had a decrease income as a result of their cancer



25% went into debt



39% incurred over $10,000 of debt as a result of their cancer.





Financial Impact Cause by C.I.


In a study by the journal “health Affairs”, they distributed questionnaires to 1,771 bankruptcy filers in 2001 in CA, IL, PA, TN, and TX. That year there were 1.46 million bankruptcies in the U.S.



Medical bills were cited as the cause in 46.2% of the personal bankruptcies in the study.



75% of those seeking court protection from creditors had health insurance at the start of the illness.



56% of those filers owned a home and the same number had attended college.



More kids have to endure parents’ bankruptcies than divorces

      “Not because you are going to
die, but because you are going to
      Dr. Marius Bernard


* General Re Life Corp. 2004
**American Heart Association 2005
*** American Cancer Society 2005
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